Training event in Italy

In early July 2023, a training event took place in Ercolano, Italy, organized by Gli Amici di Puck. This was part of the Green Job Growth project, aiming to help youth workers learn about teaching green skills. The event lasted for eight days, from July 5th to July 12th, and was a big step in preparing youth workers to support young people in finding green jobs.

Five youth workers from each partner organization came to Ercolano for this training. Before they arrived, they all received some preparation to make sure they were ready for the experience and to help them understand what to expect.

The training was packed with activities, focusing on trying out the new e-learning modules. These modules are important because they’re designed to teach youth workers how to help young people get the skills they need for jobs that are good for the planet. The way the training was set up made sure everyone could get the most out of it. Every day was filled with different learning methods that were all about doing things together and learning by experiencing things first-hand.

To make everyone feel welcome and to start things off right, the first day included fun ice-breakers and activities that helped everyone get to know each other. There was also a workshop about being mindful of how we consume things, encouraging everyone to think about how their choices affect the environment.

At the end of the training, everyone who took part received a Youthpass certificate. This certificate is a way to show what they learned and that they’re ready to help teach young people about green skills.

This week in Ercolano was not just about learning; it was about getting ready to make a real difference in the world by supporting young people in their journey towards green jobs. It showed how much can be achieved when people come together to learn, share, and work towards a common goal.

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