The GJG has three main results:

Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook (PR1): A comprehensive guide that provides an overview of green skills required for sustainable development and a low-carbon economy. It focuses on non-formal learning approaches, assesses existing gaps, and helps youth workers become effective green coaches.


E-Learning Modules (PR2): An educational program consisting of various modules delivered through an interactive online platform. It empowers youth workers with the knowledge and understanding of green skills and jobs, enhancing the employability of youth in the green economy.


Toolkit for Youth Workers (PR3): A practical resource built on the Key Competencies and Methodology Matrix, providing step-by-step guides on how to develop and enhance young people’s green skills. The toolkit contains various activities that address knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for the green transition.


Interested in shaping the green future of Europe with us?

  • The project supports the EU’s broader sustainability goals, including the European Green Deal, by contributing to the development of a workforce that is equipped to support a sustainable, low-carbon economy.
  • By harmonizing the understanding and teaching of green skills across EU nations, the project fosters cross-border cooperation and promotes a unified approach to tackling climate change and sustainability.
  • The project can serve as a model for similar initiatives across the EU, potentially influencing EU policy related to youth work and green skills training. This has the potential to significantly enhance the EU’s capacity to achieve its long-term environmental and sustainability goals.
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