Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook is now available

“Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook” (also known as PR1) was created because of the growing importance of green jobs for the future.

What’s inside? The team behind PR1 spoke to many professionals who teach young people about these jobs. They collected answers online and even had in-person discussions with some of them. Altogether, 130 professionals from three different countries shared their insights.

From all this research, they crafted a special list. This list highlights what young people need to know to be ready for green jobs.

Inside the book, readers will discover:

  • Quick facts from the big online survey.
  • Detailed answers from the experts.
  • Stories from in-person chats, offering a glimpse into how green jobs are evolving in Europe.

The ERAHR TEAM believes this guidebook is both informative and engaging. They hope readers will find it valuable!

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