Dissemination in Spain

A significant dissemination event took place in Spain. Crecimiento Verde host to a productive session where the objectives and outcomes of the project were presented to a group of youth workers. The event served as a cornerstone in spreading awareness about the project’s innovative initiatives and their potential in reshaping the future of youth work in the context of environmental sustainability.

The session was attended by local youth workers representing diverse institutions, each committed to the mission of empowering young people to participate actively in the transition to a greener future. Attendees expressed interest in understanding how the project’s outcomes could be utilized to modernize youth work approaches by integrating green skills and competences.

Each output generated a lively discussion, with the attendees exploring ways to integrate these resources into their daily practices. Particular interest was given to the E-learning modules, which were seen as an effective means to engage digitally savvy young people.

The impact of the “Green Job Growth” project at local, national, and EU level was also underscored. Attendees recognized how the project resonates with the EU Green Deal’s objectives, propagating a societal shift towards sustainability. The potential for the project to serve as a model for similar initiatives across the EU, influencing EU policy related to youth work and green skills training, was another highlight of the discussion.

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