Final meeting

In December 2023, the project partners gathered in Germany for the final meeting. This was a significant moment as they reflected on the journey of the project aimed at empowering Europe’s youth with the skills for green jobs.

The meeting was focused and straight to the point. First up, they checked how the project was doing. It was important to see if everything was on track and to fix any issues. They spent a good chunk of time discussing the online learning modules they had developed, evaluating if these tools were effective in teaching youth workers about green jobs.

Another key discussion was about a training event they held in Italy, which was the first real test of their online modules. This review helped them understand what worked well and what needed improvement.

Bridging Europe took the lead in updating everyone on a toolkit partners were creating. This toolkit is designed to help youth workers teach young people about green practices in the workplace.

They also started planning for some final events. These would be opportunities to share what they’ve learned with a wider audience, increasing the impact of their work.

Lastly, they reviewed how they’ve been sharing information about the project. The goal was to make sure they reached as many people as possible, spreading the word about their efforts to prepare youth for a greener future.

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