Dissemination in Germany

Bridging Europe held an event in Berlin to introduce the “Green Job Growth” project to a group of young people. This project, which is funded by the EU, aims to give young people the skills they need for green jobs.

The event was held in the centre of Berlin, a city that’s known for its focus on sustainability. The audience was made up of young individuals who were excited to learn about the project and how they could contribute to a greener future.

The Bridging Europe team began the event by explaining what the “Green Job Growth” project is all about. They talked about the three main parts of the project:

  • Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook (PR1): This is a guidebook that helps youth workers teach young people about green jobs. It gives them the skills they need to become effective green coaches.
  • E-Learning Modules (PR2): This is an online learning program that helps young people understand and learn the skills they need for green jobs. It’s a great way for them to improve their chances of getting a job in the green economy.
  • Toolkit for Youth Workers (PR3): This toolkit provides youth workers with strategies they can use to teach young people about green skills. It helps them encourage young people to live greener lives and contribute to local sustainable development.

The young people at the event were really interested in these three parts of the project. They were especially excited about the E-learning modules and how they could help them get a job in the green economy.

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