Training event in Italy

In early July 2023, a training event took place in Ercolano, Italy, organized by Gli Amici di Puck. This was part of the Green Job Growth project, aiming to help youth workers learn about teaching green skills. The event lasted for eight days, from July 5th to July 12th, and was a big step in …

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Third dissemination in Germany

In a continued effort to promote the Green Job Growth (GJG) project, Bridging Europe hosted another impactful local dissemination event in Berlin, Germany. This gathering, aimed at expanding the reach and understanding of the project’s objectives, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders including local educators, policy makers, and youth organizations. The event served as …

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Dissemination in Italy

In Italy, our partner PUCK has taken an inclusive step forward with the Green JOB Growth project. They organized a notable event, bringing together youth workers and young people with autism. The event’s agenda was to present the project’s objectives and discuss the involvement of youth with autism in sustainability efforts. The event highlighted the …

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Dissemination in Germany

In March 2023, Bridging Europe organized a dissemination event in Germany to present the Green Job Growth (GJG) project and its objectives. The event aimed to raise awareness among local youth workers and community leaders, about the project’s efforts to integrate green skills into youth employment initiatives. Attendees were introduced to the various components of …

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Dissemination in Spain

A significant dissemination event took place in Spain. Crecimiento Verde host to a productive session where the objectives and outcomes of the project were presented to a group of youth workers. The event served as a cornerstone in spreading awareness about the project’s innovative initiatives and their potential in reshaping the future of youth work …

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Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook is now available

“Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook” (also known as PR1) was created because of the growing importance of green jobs for the future. What’s inside? The team behind PR1 spoke to many professionals who teach young people about these jobs. They collected answers online and even had in-person discussions with some of them. Altogether, 130 professionals from …

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